About Me

2nd April 2009

Hello to Everyone. As you can tell that is me and my wife. That is our picture from our second wedding day. Yes. I am an ex-army officer. Well I should be proud of serving the country and all, but clearly it made a huge negative impact on my marriage. After college love with Zeba ( my wife), I got married to her. And then after two children, we had a divorce. My work was one of the early and main reasons for it.

It had to happen. It couldn’t be stopped. But I haven’t started this blog to sob to you. This is the story of what happened nearly after two years of our divorce. The SWEET REUNION of the two of us. I hope you will somewhere relate to my story with Zeba and I hope you will also get help like I did from the right person.

Getting help on the Internet these days, especially for a marriage or relationship is not difficult. But it is very necessary that you get a GOOD and Genuine help and not just a waste of money. I got help the true way to get my wife back , and just little bit of listening, reading and applying that into my broken marriage helped me and I got my wife back as you can see the picture we are very happy back together again.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy my story, and also find help in the right direction.

Eddy Bowne


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