When I Moved On..

Yet again it comes up, doesn’t it. Moving on. Well after trying really hard to get my wife back, I felt I really did move on. I was just reading some article today, and I knew that I just had to come here and type in my story, further. Look, you have seen the examples where I tried. You saw examples where I succeeded, you also saw where I wasn’t successful. This is the story of life, something works, and something doesn’t. Along with this short story of life, there is just one moral that fits in. The moral of the story of life is Hope. When there is hope, there can’t be no despair.

I was trying hard. A year passed since my divorce, and I was still trying hard to get my wife back. Many a times I felt stupid as I could see only I was keen on getting back together. Though I didn’t give up, it was saddening to know that my ex wife wasn’t thinking that way, at least thats what I thought. So now after a year, and nearly more than 6 months of trying to move on with my life, I tasted a bit of happiness that came my way. My ex wife told me that my kids would stay with me one whole week, even though I did spend the weekend with them. Now June, 2008, she called me up and she said, “I am going to my parents’ house, I can’t take the kids out of the city, they have their school thing, can they stay with you this whole week? ” And of course they could stay with me the whole week. I jumped on my couch and I told my ex wife that I would come and pick them up, to which she said   “oh no, no, I will come and drop them by.” And I agreed to whatever she said.

I was too happy. So the first thing I did was preparing everything at home for them. Food, rooms, closets, bathroom, everything. I knew what my kids loved when it came to food. It was CHINESE FOOD!! Noodles were something, both could eat anytime of the day. So I quickly went into the kitchen and started getting ready to cook Chinese food. They arrived, and my heart was jumping with joy. My daughter May, and my son Sky were there, with of course my ex wife. They jumped over to me and “WOOHOO”. I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. My ex wife gave me a half hug and told me everything I needed to know about the kids, when and how to get them ready to school, when to pick them up, and such stuff. I was listening intently and very cutely noted it down in my phone.

She was happy to see how I set alarms for every thing she told me to be careful about with the kids. She said that she really wanted me to take care of the kids. I didn’t actually know what she meant by that, all I said was “I understand, I am up for it.”

She left and I was left with the kids. We played a bit on the Wii, and I narrated a few stories. While Sky was watching his cartoon, May and I cooked the chinese, and the little guy smelled it and came running in. So much of excitement, so much of love, so much of closeness, it was just too amazing. Then we had dinner, and I told them bed time stories, and then in that special room in my apartment that was for them, was actually being used, and would be used for the whole week. I was too happy.

The next day I got them ready to school, bathed them, fed them with Kellogs of course and fruits, dropped them to school, picked them up at the right time, had snack at some fast food center, and came back home. My son and I played again on Wii. Then we all sat and did the homework, and I heard the two talking amongst themselves. May was telling Sky that “wow, daddy is really cool eh? ”  To which he nodded with huge deal of excitement.

The next three days, I took care of the kids, like their mother would do. I didn’t do any work because I wanted all my time dedicated to them. I was being a great father, and also a good mother. I so knew it. On Thursday, my sister, Bee, came to my house. She was excited knowing about the kids being at home with me. When she came she had a sort of worried smile. She asked me why the kids were at my place, and I told her that my ex had to actually be at her parents’ so I was helping by taking care of the kids. Thats when I almost had tears in my eyes. Bee told me that my ex was not at her parents’. She was busy searching for a new job in a new firm. Lawyers, I tell you!  And I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. First, I never liked the idea of her taking so much of pain to actually work at a firm. That was not in the plan when we got married. I am not saying I am against women working, definitely not. But she wasn’t of those sorts. She loved taking care of the family, and being a HOME person.

I left the kids with my sister, and raced to the place where she was seen. I went there and yes, she was there, waiting for her interview. I stood there right infront of her. And she looked up. And I could see tears roll down her eyes. Zeba, was from a very elite kind of a family. Her parents never were for our marriage, and after the marriage broke, I proved them right. I proved them right as they kept telling her that I was nothing but a Jerk. So now when I saw those tears, I had no one, but myself to blame. She stood up and hugged me. I told her, its ok. I asked her, if she wanted to give the interview, to which she said that she had faced rejection from 12 firms already. The firms wanted someone who was practicing law through out. Zeba told me that she was now giving the interview for a clerical job.

I couldn’t believe it. I told her to stop crying and we escaped that firm office. We sat in a coffee shop, and she asked me where the kids were. I told her that they were in safe hands of my sister. She told me how being a mother, and working in a law firm were seeming impossible together. I was there with her. She cried and cried to me. Now the next thing I said came right out of my heart. I said “if you don’t mind, you can stay with me, I will take care of the children, after all they are mine as well. You don’t have to do all this. I love you. I truly do. And I can’t see you like this.”  She blanked out completely.

She didn’t expect it from me, and neither did I think about saying this. But I had to. She was crying away and I had no other way. She firmly said no. I told her that the children would be the happiest with this move. Also, I said “why don’t you give this idea a try for a week, and then if it doesn’t suit you, you can certainly make your own decision and take the next step.”  She agreed to give my idea a try. She actually agreed to come stay with me.

Now I am going to leave you here with one thing. I didn’t know that suddenly she would loose her job and that would actually cause her to come stay with me, with the kids. I never thought about it to happen then. But it did. Sometimes when you truly try hard, the honest way, you will see that everything in the world that happens, actually tries to help us. Everything in the world tries to come together and give us the results for which we had been slogging hard. I am not saying this is something that happens as a rule when you try to get your ex back. But should I give a good news? My ex wife, has never left my home since the day she decided to give that 1 week trial in my house. So now you know that something surely clicked.

Yes something did. I will tell you about it the next blog post. I just wanted to show you, how the world, how suddenly nature was helping me. This is the reason honesty is the most important thing when you try to get your ex back. It had been the most important and helpful thing in my post divorce period. Now all this is the magic of me understand my ex’s psyche too well. You can do that too. If you want to start trying to get your ex back, I can suggest Secret Of Making Up system at http://MakingUpToday.com/

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Thank you for reading, feel free to leave your comments 🙂

Eddy Bowne


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